what i'm loving | kopari beauty (and why i stopped selling lipsense)

my love affair with kopari beauty all began out of a search for a deodorant that actually worked and didn't have any dumb ingredients in it like aluminum (eye roll). i seriously was starting to feel like i would never find one - i tried everything on store shelves and whatever i could find online and always ended up smelling like a weird combo of strange herbs and b.o. haha. enter kopari! their deodorant hasn't let me down yet and i've been using it for months!

once i was hooked on their deo i started branching out to some of their other products. so far i've been happy with everything i've tried - and i love that the base for everything is coconut! smells delicious and is a natural ingredient. i'm in love with the shower oil and lip scrub! i've even caved at this point and have every color lip gloss - obsessed is an understatement.

the best part about these products other than the fact that they actually work is that they're natural and not full of random crap that i would never knowingly put on my skin or in my body. i just wish i found this company sooner...

some of you might remember that not too long ago i was actually a distributor for senegence (the company that sells lipsense). i truly did love lipsense and thought it was so much fun and even branched out to their other products - and was having a blast sharing everything with you but in the back of my head i was always worrying/wondering what chemicals and ingredients were actually in this stuff making it stay put and last so long... it never felt good to me and finally those thoughts went from the back of my mind to the front and i just had to step away. i'm not a scientist and i don't know what all the labels on every senegence product even say but i just wanted better for myself and in turn everyone i was sharing with!

i also realized that i wasn't loving slathering make up on my face all the time - i just wanted to have great skin care that kept my skin great - i don't want to cover it up i just want to wear my skin haha. granted i need my lashes and brows on to feel ready but beyond that i just want to have great skin!

anyway - that's why i'm sharing my love of kopari with you. the picture above is just half of my actual kopari haul haha. it's an ever growing thing! and as i said - i'm really just wanting great skincare and will continue to share my favorite products beyond kopari, too.


not sure if every link inserted is actually going to work - but some of them may get you and me some free products!
i am not being paid by kopari to post this - i genuinely use these products daily and love this company.

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