it's been forever..

i mean - what else is new? i always do this. blog a few times.. remember how much i love it.. and then get super busy with life and all the things i don't know how to say no to that i let this fall to the back burner. whenever i feel balanced in life i always seem to be my own worst enemy and disrupt the balance. it's almost as if i enjoy torturing myself??.. that can't be it.. can it?

this is for sure going to be our craziest and busiest year yet! between babe's gymnastics schedule and all the extra curricular activities buddy is signed up for i'm gonna be living in my car. i should probably just become an uber driver while i'm at it ha!

despite the fact that it's going to be completely insane (the good kind of insane - i swear that exists) i also took a position on my kid's school's pto, am doing the dual room mom thing again and that's really just the tip of the iceberg haha.

back when i still had them at home with me 24/7 i dreamed of these days and now that i'm living them i constantly have these two thoughts running through my head: 1. why in the world do i keep doing this to myself?! 2. omg these years are going way too fast i'm going to miss this so much when it's over.

could my brain & heart be any more split in two!?

i just hope i can settle into the moments where i can kind of sit back and take it all in. they're not gonna want me at school forever and i'm insanely grateful that i get the opportunity to be as involved as i am i just don't want it to be so go go go that all of the sudden i look around and realize it's over and i never really settled in.. does that make sense?

man... this thing called motherhood is an ever changing season of moments that make you want to pull your hair out or take your breath away.


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