best vacation ever.

we went on a disney cruise and it was the best vacation ever!!

i wasn't necessarily against going on a cruise, but let's just say it was on the bucket list just kind of closer to the bottom haha. oh man am i glad cy ignored my fears and excuses and just booked one for the four of us! it truly was such a magical experience!

the best thing about a cruise - especially for a semi-social introvert like me - there's a max amount of people that can be on the boat! it's not like going to disney world and not knowing what the crowds will be like - it can be hit or miss. and that's not me knocking disney because i'd go there every vacation - i mean... if mickey isn't there am i really on vacation?? this fact alone makes me a very happy person and a cruise the only type of vacation i'll ever take during a high traffic travel time like spring break.

the second best thing about our cruise specifically - our kids are at the perfect age! not just for cruising - kind of just vacationing in general - but man did it make enjoying the cruise even easier! zach and adie were obsessed with the oceaneer's club and lab which was the section designated just for all the kid's in their age range. there were times they actually begged to go back when we were suggesting other activities haha. it was the closest things cy and i have ever had to a honeymoon (sad, but true) - they had a blast and i loved never having to worry about that! not only was a i sure my kiddos were happy, but because of their ages (newly 7 + 9) i didn't worry about anything because they're totally old enough to speak up for themselves and it's always nice that they have each other. they're still to this day tell me how much they miss it on the cruise boat haha!

there was a baby/little kid section, too - which i'm sure is equally great but i know myself and know if we tried out a cruise when z + a were that little i would not have been able to enjoy it as much. i've only just recently in the past 2 years been comfortable leaving them without massive amounts of worry building up haha. once zach and adie are too old for the club they went to there are two more groups one for tweens and a final one for teens - obviously i didn't spend any time in these spots but i can only imagine they're awesome and age appropriate - also once your kids are 8+ they can check themselves in and out of the spot they're in if you give them permission (i'm sure permission is not needed in the older clubs) since only zach was old enough for this option we didn't utilize it this time - but next time we probably will because they will be able to check in and out together!

did you know that disney has it's own private island!? i've always wanted to go but knew i'd have to get over my weird cruise ship fear in order for that to happen - it. was. amazing. now.. i am not a beach person. i enjoy walking on the beach for a certain amount of time, but just laying on it? no thanks. on castaway cay there are plenty of seats/chairs/hammocks for everyone. there's no need to crowd in to get close to the water because like i said - there's a max amount of people on the boat so that means there's that same amount on the island! we snorkeled for at least 2 hours and saw a real live sea turtle!! like crush from finding nemo haha - he was just right there under us!! if the kids would have been any younger we would not have been able to snorkel for that long or maybe not at all if either of them just couldn't get the hang of it. honestly, it was in the top 3 highlights for all four of us! oh! and the kid's club that zach and adie were obsessed with on the boat is also on the island!! so the two of them went in to that section to hang out which allowed cy and i to have just us time on the island, too!

the adult only sections were so nice, too! it almost felt like we were on a totally separate boat! just walking to that side changed the atmosphere completely! it was calm and quiet and i plan to spend much more time there next time haha - but it was also pretty awesome to swim and lounge by a pool watching a huge movie screen with disney movies on basically 24/7! oh, and something else - i think it's hilarious that if you ask my kids what their favorite parts of the cruise were some of the things they'll say are karaoke and bingo! haha there are also classic disney characters on the boat at certain times to take pictures with and get autographs from, but z + a weren't really interested to stand in line to do that. we've been to disney world a few times before so they were kind of over it. they liked seeing the characters, but waving or watching for a minute was plenty for them - thankfully! haha

just realized that i haven't even touched on the food yet! the tightness of my pants when we got off the boat will attest to it being good!! haha basically you can eat at any time somewhere on the boat. our favorite thing to eat? the self-serve soft serve ice cream that's available pretty much all day long! and at dinner time we always had the same team of servers which i wasn't sure about at first, but by day two i totally understood! it definitely helps because you get to know each other and it's kind of like going back to your favorite restaurant every night! 

we did a 5 night/4 day cruise this time but hope to do a 7 day cruise next time! we were not ready to get off the ship!! promise i'm not exaggerating when i say it was the best vacation ever. oh my gosh - and i forgot to mention - at the time we boarded the ship the eclipse was happening!! the nicest family lent us their glasses to check out the eclipse and even took our picture - it was a pretty cool way to get the vacation started!

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