so long sweet summer...

piles of who knows what are all over the house. laundry is piled up and still spilling out of suitcases. there's some kind of weird smell coming from my car left over from our most recent road trip...

there are signs of summer everywhere i look, but the house is silent.

i'm not constantly yelling 'close the door' and the doorbell isn't ringing with friends asking to play. the neighborhood nerf battle has been put on hold until the weekend... basically the world shifted over night and we went from laid back not a care in the world to packing backpacks and lunches with a different schedule for every day.

man.. summer flew by!

pretty sure i was just planning end of year parties and looking forward to endless days full of sunshine and lounging... whoever pressed fast forward that was so not cool.

even though we're pretty bummed about summer ending - zach and adie are equally happy to get back to school! seriously could feel the excitement oozing out of them as they jumped out of bed this morning. i have to say - it's nice having a first and third grader. they both know their way around the school and what is expected of them. if only i could find the pause button...

but they're off and i'm here.. guess i should start cleaning up those piles of who knows what and figuring out where the smell in my car is coming from, ha!

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