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i've talked about essential oils on here a few times and now i'm finally jumping in with both feet and sharing our daily routines and favorites over on instagram @just.add.oils. we've been hooked since day one 2.5+ years ago, but i knew i wanted to spend time before really sharing our experience with essential oils. i plan to update @just.add.oils as much as possible and hope to post here occasionally as well. oils have no replaced our entire cleaning supply or medicine cabinet, but they have become part of both. i'm excited to start sharing something that's become a big part of our everyday!

right off the bat i had to share about our very favorite line of oils - a must have in our home - kidscents! 

these little bottles of liquid gold are already diluted and ready for the tiniest family members to use! honestly, i use them myself - they're not just for kids!

•sleepyize is a must have around here. it's calming and perfect to diffuse at bedtime.

•tummygize has been a life saver for us when upset tummies rear their ugly head. just the other night my son was having trouble getting to sleep due to an upset tummy.. a couple drops right on his belly and he was out like a light! 

•geneyus is in the diffuser every morning before school starts to help get their minds ready for a full day of learning! 

•owie has lived in my purse, diaper bag when i still had one, car, bathrooms, gym bag - anywhere it can. soothing bumps and bruises quickly is important and even i used it after stubbing my toe pretty bad the other day!

•sniffle ease has my heart because it not only smells refreshing but i honestly believe it saved our most recent disney vacation! every night as we slept sniffle ease diffused and every morning whoever was complaining the day before was feeling much more themself! 

i know sometimes it's hard to believe something so simple could actually make such a huge impact but i promise if these oils didn't improve our daily lives they wouldn't have hung around for as long as they have in our home. there are times when i fall out of routine with oils because i'm only human and life happens. when oils are used regularly in our home the difference is astounding and can be felt like a ripple effect! 

if you ever have questions please just ask! and if you're ready to get your own oily adventure started let me know - we'd love to have you on our team! join here ((enter # 1724428))

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