kitchen tables.

we've needed a new kitchen table since before we moved into the house we're in now. ((october will be four years)) what we have going on in our kitchen space is very well used from ikea and it's been haphazardly painted to force it to fit in with our color scheme and decor. it was supposed to be temporary, but then it just kind of stayed. we've looked a little here and there but nothing has caught our eye.

well.. i finally scrolled through pinterest for way too long looking at kitchen tables and wanted to share some of the good stuff i came across! we could maybe do a round or square table if we did some tweaking to our space.. but we have a rectangle right now which i like and unless something comes out of no where to change my mind that's what we'll probably stick with.

i've thought about sanding the one we have down and starting over with paint and taking my time/doing a better job haha. i've also tossed around the idea of building some sort of top.. i love a good diy project - but if i'm going to do all that work maybe i should just be building something totally new!? i just can't decide!

alright.. i won't drag this out any longer - here's some of the good stuff that's getting me motivated:


obsessed with this table! i know cy would never go for the chairs and they aren't really my style either - but that table top!! all the heart eyes.


just add lips: lipsense obsessed

just add oils: kidscents

i've talked about essential oils on here a few times and now i'm finally jumping in with both feet and sharing our daily routines and favorites over on instagram @just.add.oils. we've been hooked since day one 2.5+ years ago, but i knew i wanted to spend time before really sharing our experience with essential oils. i plan to update @just.add.oils as much as possible and hope to post here occasionally as well. oils have no replaced our entire cleaning supply or medicine cabinet, but they have become part of both. i'm excited to start sharing something that's become a big part of our everyday!


kid's blend: 'calm the f down' | essential oils

sometimes i just want to yell calm the f down! but most of the time i restrain myself.. okay more like 50% of the time... if you have calm, angelic, quiet children - congratulations. i, however, do not. not even a little bit. they're straight up insane which makes me insane - it's just a crazy-person-carosel going on at our house pretty much all. the. time. want to come over? haha

moments like this make me love essential oils more than i already do. these are the perfect moments to break out our favorite kid friendly roller bottle blend to calm down. i apply it to the back of their neck and mine too sometimes! 

we keep a rollerball bottle of this blend on hand. it's basically sanity in a bottle. we've found this recipe to be the best for our family, but remember all people are unique. you may find adding a few more drops of cedarwood and less lavender works for you or maybe y'all need a tad more vetiver and less lemon. it takes a little time to get the right mix, but it's always worth it - promise! 

if you're interested in learning more about essential oils just ask! we've been using young living eo's for over 2 years and haven't looked back - i did a bunch of research back then before choosing which oils we would use and always came back to young living. it really boils down to having 100% pure essential oils - don't be fooled by the cheap/fake stuff!

looking to get started with oils? click here and join my team!! we have a amazing amount of support for any ideas and questions.

i'm not a doctor - just a mom trying to do the best for her family and for us, a big part of that is incorporating essential oils into our daily lives.