what i'm loving | simplifying

the jackets.
the sign.
the boots.
the hooks.
most of these things have been long loved in our home but adding those hooks brought new life to the space as a whole!

when you walk through our front door this is what you see. there used to be two clunky and space sucking coat racks there. one regular sized. the other child sized. we constantly bumped into them. dog fur was endlessly clumping up behind them. the boots were always squished somewhere in between and falling over. it seemed like a good idea at the time since we don't have a traditional 'coat closet' but it wasn't.

i grabbed the hooks awhile ago but procrastinated hanging them up because this stairwell was supposed to be a summer painting project. as you can see.. that didn't happen. then the other day it was the choice of another round of laundry or putting that off to hang the hooks and i'm so glad the hooks won! plus - when i do finally get around to painting they're really easy to take down and re-hang.

something i've been making a point to keep in the front of my mind is to simplify. i have a tendency to go a little overboard. especially with house decor. i've always really loved color. my room growing up is a testiment to that! and with an entire house to decorate.. let's just say i get a little ahead of myself sometimes. so i am breaking our home into spaces that need to function and simplifying them the best i can to work for us and giving fresh coats of paint along the way! (at least that's the the plan..)

we still have a little ways to go until it will feel fully simplified but we're definitely on the way! the playroom will be the absolute hardest space to conquer!

the hooks are from target and come in a set of three. i knew we needed at least 4 so I grabbed two sets. i am incredibly happy with how open this space feels now! it always made me nervous to have so much on our stairwell. basically i've just been waiting for someone to fall which thankfully hasn't happened (knock on wood!) 

the sign is one of absolute favorites from barn owl primitives - her work is awesome and beautiful and if you haven't checked it out yet you need to!

the kid's letterman jackets are from the wishing elephant and i'm a little sad because this may be the last cool season they'll fit into them! so if you see my kids wearing these jackets with too short of sleeves or buttons popping you'll understand that i'm in denial that they're growing and the jackets aren't! haha

any chance i get to match my mini i jump on it! so when i saw matching hunter boots to mine.. we needed them. just another thing i'll be really sad about her growing out of!

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