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a few days ago i posted the above picture to instagram but i hadn't fully finished the kid's school space until this weekend. there's officially a week left of summer so we're gearing up to get back into routine around here.

this wall is directly across from the kid's desks and i'm smitten with how it turned out! the hooks used to hang between their desks but it was way too crowded once i added the white compartments so moving them here is much better! the shelf is from target and matches the others we have around the main level. which helps tie everything together. the goal is to create a separate space for the kid's but still have it flow since it's all one large area.

the sign! i'm seriously obsessed with how it turned out - all the heart eyes! months ago i snagged the 'make today amazing' cutout from online somewhere - i think it was groopdealz. ((update: found the shop the 'make today amazing' cutout is from!)) it came totally plain which was an easy fix with a few coats of spray paint. i had the guy at lowe's cut a piece of wood into 3 even pieces - think they ended up being about 2.5 feet each - then i finished them off with olympic semi-transparent stain in driftwood grey. i rigged them all together in the back with a lot of screws and smaller pieces of wood - used some very sturdy hooks and somehow hung it up level on my first try! it's my favorite thing hanging in our house right now and the perfect sign for them to read every day as they grab their backpacks to head off to school! oh! and their backpacks and lunch boxes are actually from pottery barn teen. neither of them loved the choices from pottery barn kids so I clicked over to teen just to see if anything would work and they both immediately chose these! which makes me happy because i'm thinking we could possibly get two or three years out of them! fingers crossed!

i found their desks at world market a few years ago which i think were unfortunately discontinued shortly after we purchased them. the chairs are from target as well as the yellow rug - which will be a great place for them to pack and unpack! the white compartments with yellow bins are also from target and is very sturdy! sometimes i find the middle shelf will start to lag in the center but so far so good with this!

as a whole i'm loving how it's all come together and even though it means the end of summer - i'm looking forward to seeing zach and adie put it to good use! 

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