back to school sale | adie's lovelies

if you following along on instagram then you already know there's an adie's lovelies back to school sale happening now until the end of august! 

at check out use coupon code 'BTS25' for 25% off your entire order! (all coupon codes/insta sales etc. are announced on instagram first!)

i know some kids have already been back to school or are heading back to school this week - we have 10 days left of summer! we're going to squeeze every last ounce of fun and relaxing out of those 10 days that we can! 

this year zach and adie will be in the same school! which has me being an emotional roller coaster! part of me is relieved to have them in the same place for convenience for me and it will be nice for them to know they have each other. the other part of me is in serious denial that my baby girl is going to kindergarten!! 

we've already put our mommy + me bracelets aside so they're ready to wear on the first day! it's probably more for me than for her but that's okay haha. 

it's been nice to have a no schedule summer but i am looking forward to getting our routine back! although I am not looking forward to the daily waking up of the children battles!

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