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i set this instagram account up a year ago.
posted two things.
sold one.
shipped it.
then totally forgot about the account.

i also slacked when it came to going through my closet but i finally got around to pulling a few items and i know there are a few more treasures in there that need new homes!

i'm not just listing my clothes and things - both zach and adie have tiny treasures in both of their closets that they have already grown out of or will just never wear again (or ever) and those are the things i really want to get to new homes because cheap gently used kids clothes? yes please! finding what my kids need/like cheap is the best because we all know they are not going to be able to wear most of their clothes the following season.

right now there are items from my closet and both of the kids listed and up for grabs!!
keep an eye out over @whatmorganloves and/or @shop.morganscloset for all the updates!

**prices will be low & shipping will max out at $6

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