lemon + lavender room spray | essential oils

yes we use oils.
no they do not replace all the things in our home.
we don't ingest them and i still give my family over the counter medicine when necessary.
the way i look at them is - i would regret not trying a natural fix for something first but if it doesn't work i'm not against buying something off the shelf at target to get the job done whether it's for cleaning or health etc.
we've also chosen to use young living because we trust the company and it's what works for us. whatever company you decide to use please make sure you know they are a reliable source and 100% pure essential oils. if you aren't up to figuring that out i'd say skip oils because that's just the beginning of the adventure!

back to the actual point of this post haha - we diffuse oils morning, noon and night but sometimes cleaning out and/or filling up the diffuser seems like a tedious task when i'm trying to get things done. or i may be diffusing in the family room but the bedroom needs a burst of freshness. that's why i always have a room spray on hand.

we used to use febreeze but then i read the ingredients. like really read them. toxins linked to cancer. toxins that harm reproductive and non reproductive organs. smaller issues like skin irritations. i don't know about you but no thanks. so when we began this oily journey of ours - room spray was one of the first things i made!

i like to keep it simple using a blend young living already makes like 'purification' or like in this case mix 2-3 single oils. lavender + lemon: lavender has calming effects and lemon makes everything smell fresh. 

when i make any room spray this is a general idea i use:

30-40 drops of essential oils
equal parts witch hazel and water
shake and spray!

i found these perfume bottles on amazon but any glass bottle would work. i also have blue and amber glass spray bottles - just make sure to use glass. the oils could potentially break down a bottle made of plastic so to be safe i always use glass and keep my sprays and oils out of direct sunlight.

adding peppermint to this mix makes an awesome allergy bomb during high allergy times!

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