girl's day at american girl store & bistro!

adilyn has never really gravitated toward dolls. she didn't like baby dolls when she was tiny and still doesn't. she's not really a fan of barbies even though she has a bunch - out of 15 I think she actually likes 1 and really she just likes that it rides a horse haha. and princess dolls? she's decided she's no longer a fan of them at all. but american girl dolls?? she's obsessed.

i think it has to do with their stories and how they're more like a 'friend' than the other dolls. whatever it is - we share the love of ag and i hope that lasts!

when i realized we would have a handful of days done with school and zachary would still be in school until the ninth i knew we needed to squeeze in some american girl time and instead of just shopping i wanted to add a meal at the bistro! it was super easy to make a reservation - all I had to do was head over to the website.

one of her dolls had their hair done while we shopped and waited for our reservation and of course adie fell in love with one of the puppies - it was seriously cute - so now her other ag dog has a buddy!

according to adilyn - lunch was 'yummy!!' which she exclaimed to the chef who came out to ask us how our meal was. we had parmesan fries, pretzel bites, strawberry splash smoothies, mac & cheese and penne pasta with chicken & sundried tomatoes - I would recommend everything we had!! it all really was yummy!!

going to the ag store is always something we look forward to doing together and i really hope we can get there to eat again some time this summer! 

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