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lemon + lavender room spray | essential oils

yes we use oils.
no they do not replace all the things in our home.
we don't ingest them and i still give my family over the counter medicine when necessary.
the way i look at them is - i would regret not trying a natural fix for something first but if it doesn't work i'm not against buying something off the shelf at target to get the job done whether it's for cleaning or health etc.


edible cookie dough

this experiment turned out pretty delicious if i do say so myself!
check it out here


what i'm loving: tomato, basil & fresh mozzarella

it's the most wonderful time of the year!

..i mean it's the right colors for that christmas carol haha and in my opinion it doesn't get better than having garden fresh veggies! i picked that tomato yesterday & snipped that basil right before making this. it's the little things - am I right? 

now - i know this is not some sort of amazing recipe to share ha but it is something i love especially when the tomatoes are coming from my backyard. now if i could perfect the making of fresh mozzarella we'd be in business over here! 

all you need are tomato slices - fresh mozzarella - basil leaves - salt & pep - drizzle of balsamic. so simple and satisfying.

are you a fan of the tomato-basil-mozzarella combo?? i'd love for you to share below how you prepare it :)



we are so happy june is here.

it means saying no to a schedule and yes to adventures. every day can be something new instead of the same old same where every morning during the week begins with trying not to be late and trying not to argue about not being late. 

for us summer begins the second I pick up z from school on the ninth and to say I can't wait is the understatement of the year!

i'm also going to be a better blogger. i swear. i began blogging to share what we're up to and to be able to look back at what was going on and how we were feeling about it. i'm sad that I don't really have that since we moved into our 'new' (3 years in oct.) home. this summer is going to be different!

hopefully you're just as excited about june as we are - follow along with instagram (@whatmorganloves) or snapchat (whatmorganloves) for the most up to the moment action :)