one-day influence conference - charlotte

if you're familiar with the influence network you know for the past few years they have been holding three-day conferences in indianapolis. this past september i finally made it to one when they explained that it would be the last three-day conference - at first i was bummed but then they quickly followed that up with the idea of one-day conferences.

instead of having us all pack up our lives and leave our babies for 3+ days - they're coming to us! obviously you can still travel to the one-day conferences but in my case - the first one-day was right here in charlotte! when it was announced i grabbed my ticket asap - and when i finally looked for the address where the event would be held in charlotte i realized it was less than 20 minutes from my house - much easier travel than heading all the way to indy.

the biggest 'negative' - if you can even call it that - was that it's only one-day. i wanted to go back the next day and keep soaking in the good words of amazing women. it just wasn't enough - especially since i just experienced the three-day this past fall. but since a lot of the people i met were from the surrounding area/close states - i was able to make connections with women i may have otherwise never met. i even had the opportunity to meet online friends in real life for the first time!!

women from all walks of life were there to discuss and tell their stories - it really did feel like a condensed version of the three-day. i have a notebook filled to the brim with good stuff and i can't wait to flip back through the pages and really dive into it all. after speakers there were questions that really made me think. what are my big crazy dreams? and why do they have to be so big and crazy? 'big' influence or 'small' influence - it's all influence. who are the people that i am called to serve - what can i do right where i am?

i fall into the daily rut all to often that the little things are tedious and i'm just doing the never ending laundry or dishes. but that is what i have been called to do in this season. it is not all of what i'm called to do - but part it is of it and it's not just laundry. it's my family's laundry. it's how i keep my babies and husband clothed and prepared. it can look boring and i'm not always going to be thanked for cleaning a uniform for a game or certain dress for a special day - or ever - but everything doesn't have to be BIG or grand to be serving the Lord. and even though i know that - the reminder is always always appreciated.

a lot of my day was spent listening with pen to paper. so i don't have many pictures - most are borrowed from others haha - but sometimes i think proof of a really good day may only have one picture or even none and it will just make an impact that doesn't need photo documentation. but clearly not all the time - you know i love pictures.

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