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lemon + lavender + peppermint

it took me a long time to commit to oils - I know you've heard/read that a million times - but it's true. I was skeptical. I figured it was a scam or at the very least there was no way little bottles of oils could truly be 'life changing'.

now they have become part of our everyday and I'm still learning more and more uses every time I turn around. we use young living because after my research I felt that YL was the best option for our family. As long as you are buying quality oils that's what really matters!

one of the first things I learned was lavender, peppermint and lemon are the holy grail when it comes to helping to relieve seasonal issues. starting around this time of the year these oils are on repeat in all of our diffusers.

I just wanted to say.. if you're skeptical but want to try oils I totally get it - but three oils that I will always have on hand will be lemon, lavender and peppermint for multiple reasons but all three will always be used for relief of seasonal yuck in our home.

i'm not a doctor - just a mom trying to do the best for her family and for us, a big part of that is incorporating essential oils into our daily lives.

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