adjust your altitude

on saturday we decided it was too nice to spend the day at home so we packed up the kids and the dogs and headed out for a hike.

the shake up and change of scenery was much needed and a great start to our spring break. I was a bit nervous to go on a hike with the kids and both dogs but it actually went pretty well. 

I was sure to be prepared with a hiking scavenger hunt for the kids. they looked for easy items like rocks and leaves and some more challenging things like mushrooms and insects. it turned out to be a hit and they found almost everything!

at the top of our hike was a waterfall where we stopped to rest awhile - my legs were on fire. the last bit was much steeper than I had anticipated - but we all made it!

hiking isn't something we do on a weekly or super consistent basis but during the warmer weather we try to go at least once a month since it's something we all enjoy and being away from all the screens & bombardment of the internet is obviously a huge plus!

do you take hikes with your family? what are some activities you do during the drive to get there or during? I'm thinking next time we'll do some leaf rubbings or collect flowers to dry!

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