teacher 'survival' kit

the kids head back to school this week and i'm on the rollercoaster of emotions over here!

i knew i wanted to send their teachers a little bit of a 'survival' kit for start the year. kind of like an advanced thank you! it's really not anything too fancy - just a few things that could easily be kept in their desks or school bags and i found it all at target of course haha.

everything in the picture above went into that gift bag along with some tissue paper. like i said - nothing fancy we're talking about daily survival here! 

what's in the bag:
•chocolate peanut pretzel bite snack
•immunity lozenges
•hand lotion
•chap stick
•breath mints
•notebook & pens
•shout wipes

looking forward to a great school year!!


kid's school space | buddy + babe

a few days ago i posted the above picture to instagram but i hadn't fully finished the kid's school space until this weekend. there's officially a week left of summer so we're gearing up to get back into routine around here.


back to school sale | adie's lovelies

if you following along on instagram then you already know there's an adie's lovelies back to school sale happening now until the end of august! 


adie's lovelies: shop update

lemon + lavender room spray | essential oils

yes we use oils.
no they do not replace all the things in our home.
we don't ingest them and i still give my family over the counter medicine when necessary.
the way i look at them is - i would regret not trying a natural fix for something first but if it doesn't work i'm not against buying something off the shelf at target to get the job done whether it's for cleaning or health etc.


edible cookie dough

this experiment turned out pretty delicious if i do say so myself!
check it out here


what i'm loving: tomato, basil & fresh mozzarella

it's the most wonderful time of the year!

..i mean it's the right colors for that christmas carol haha and in my opinion it doesn't get better than having garden fresh veggies! i picked that tomato yesterday & snipped that basil right before making this. it's the little things - am I right? 

now - i know this is not some sort of amazing recipe to share ha but it is something i love especially when the tomatoes are coming from my backyard. now if i could perfect the making of fresh mozzarella we'd be in business over here! 

all you need are tomato slices - fresh mozzarella - basil leaves - salt & pep - drizzle of balsamic. so simple and satisfying.

are you a fan of the tomato-basil-mozzarella combo?? i'd love for you to share below how you prepare it :)



we are so happy june is here.

it means saying no to a schedule and yes to adventures. every day can be something new instead of the same old same where every morning during the week begins with trying not to be late and trying not to argue about not being late. 

for us summer begins the second I pick up z from school on the ninth and to say I can't wait is the understatement of the year!

i'm also going to be a better blogger. i swear. i began blogging to share what we're up to and to be able to look back at what was going on and how we were feeling about it. i'm sad that I don't really have that since we moved into our 'new' (3 years in oct.) home. this summer is going to be different!

hopefully you're just as excited about june as we are - follow along with instagram (@whatmorganloves) or snapchat (whatmorganloves) for the most up to the moment action :)


one-day influence conference - charlotte

if you're familiar with the influence network you know for the past few years they have been holding three-day conferences in indianapolis. this past september i finally made it to one when they explained that it would be the last three-day conference - at first i was bummed but then they quickly followed that up with the idea of one-day conferences.


adjust your altitude

on saturday we decided it was too nice to spend the day at home so we packed up the kids and the dogs and headed out for a hike.

the shake up and change of scenery was much needed and a great start to our spring break. I was a bit nervous to go on a hike with the kids and both dogs but it actually went pretty well. 

I was sure to be prepared with a hiking scavenger hunt for the kids. they looked for easy items like rocks and leaves and some more challenging things like mushrooms and insects. it turned out to be a hit and they found almost everything!

at the top of our hike was a waterfall where we stopped to rest awhile - my legs were on fire. the last bit was much steeper than I had anticipated - but we all made it!

hiking isn't something we do on a weekly or super consistent basis but during the warmer weather we try to go at least once a month since it's something we all enjoy and being away from all the screens & bombardment of the internet is obviously a huge plus!

do you take hikes with your family? what are some activities you do during the drive to get there or during? I'm thinking next time we'll do some leaf rubbings or collect flowers to dry!


lavender + peppermint + lemon | essential oils

lemon + lavender + peppermint

it took me a long time to commit to oils - I know you've heard/read that a million times - but it's true. I was skeptical. I figured it was a scam or at the very least there was no way little bottles of oils could truly be 'life changing'.

now they have become part of our everyday and I'm still learning more and more uses every time I turn around. we use young living because after my research I felt that YL was the best option for our family. As long as you are buying quality oils that's what really matters!

one of the first things I learned was lavender, peppermint and lemon are the holy grail when it comes to helping to relieve seasonal issues. starting around this time of the year these oils are on repeat in all of our diffusers.

I just wanted to say.. if you're skeptical but want to try oils I totally get it - but three oils that I will always have on hand will be lemon, lavender and peppermint for multiple reasons but all three will always be used for relief of seasonal yuck in our home.

i'm not a doctor - just a mom trying to do the best for her family and for us, a big part of that is incorporating essential oils into our daily lives.


21 years...

this picture in this frame has been through life with me.

21 years ago life shifted in an instant for my family. in the morning there were 4 of us - by the end of the day.. 3. 

how anyone wraps their mind around tragedy is still something I don't understand - I guess people are just resilient. even as a 10 year old I knew I had to be strong. my brain told me to 'suck it up' and life would go on and everything was going to be okay. that stuff is kind of true.. things are okay & life does indeed go on whether we want it to or not. unfortunately when it comes to grief the brain isn't all that's involved. 

my heart is still just as shattered today as it was the day the policeman knocked on the door. my heart will forever have an empty spot where you should have been and becoming a parent myself has made that hole even bigger.

I miss you.

I try hard not to be - but I'm jealous of all the people that get to have their daddy. I want to be one of those girls. a 'daddy's girl'. I look at my kids sometimes and pray they never have to feel the pain that I felt for a long long time. (also because he's my husband and I don't want to lose him any time close to soon.. preferably I go first in about 120 years haha) I want them to have childhoods full of a father's love. memories they can truly hold on to for a lifetime. teenage moments where they are terrified of their father and he's down right angry at them. all those cliché things - I want them to have all of those things and more.

I have spent the last 21 years searching for signs all around me from my father and he's always delivered - I promise to never stop looking - but it's not the same as you actually being here. though.. I do know that without you here I've become stronger and I know it's a huge part of how I became who I am in every single way - but part of me will never stop wishing you never had to go. my heart always ached more for you in those pivotal moments like getting ready for a dance.. what would it have been like to have that 'protective' father making my date nervous haha or when I graduated from high school - a proud dad with a big bear hug at the end would have been amazing. not having a daddy-daughter sweet 16 dance like all of my friends was next to impossible to witness over and over again at every party but topping that list was having to walk down the aisle at my wedding alone.. I know you were there but in that moment I really really wanted you next to me.

but those were all moments that passed by and are over now.. the real stuff that I want you here for is the every day. you and mom should be here and be grandparents. i don't think I will ever stop being mad about that. it's not fair. and maybe I sound like a toddler having a tantrum but it's how I feel all of the time. I try to talk about you and they don't know who I'm talking about. honestly.. Cy doesn't even know who I'm talking about. he saw a picture of you the other day and said, 'wow, you really do look like your dad' - I was happy and sad at the same time but mostly angry - I want my husband to know my father. I want my kids to know their pop.

people like to say 'it gets easier' but I call bullshit. we just have to go on with our day to day stuff and life goes on.. but on days like today all the emotions boil to the surface and I kind of just want to stay in bed and miss you all day because all that missing you builds up all year long and today I get to let it out. it's like clockwork at this point but it's not easy. that's a lie. whoever started saying that to make people feel better is a liar. missing someone just becomes part of who you are against your will..

I've been missing you for 21 years and I'll continue to miss you for as long as I'm here. give mom a hug for me and don't stop sending those signs - I love you daddy. 


focus on the good stuff

(via instagram)

easier said than done, right?

some days go by in a flash without any moments that drag me down, but other days are impossible. I'm missing loved ones more than usual lately & there are days I can barely hold it together and the tears just won't stay inside. I know I wear my emotions on my face but I hate everything about verbally talking about my feelings. I struggle with how it's super awkward and uncomfortable and do people really care? blahhh - sometimes I just want to scream and other times I'd like to crawl back in bed and come out in a few months... if someone asks how I'm doing there's a built in reflex that's makes me say 'I'm fine' or 'I'm okay' even when all I want to say is 'at this moment I'm dying inside'.

that's the thing about grief - it's so incredibly unpredictable. but it's also the main reason I always try to focus on the good stuff. and don't get me wrong - I'm really good at complaining about things that bug me or stress me out haha but when it really boils down to it I know there is so much good everywhere I look - even through the fog of grief. 

my babies are growing - happy & healthy. my husband loves me - faults and all. I have people I can count on no matter the time, distance or reason. and I've got heaven on my side.

just know - if you're all scatterbrained or full of grief one minute and totally pulled together and smiling the next - you're not alone. I'm right there with you and know that you're 'okay' but not really all at the same time.