how to make espresso at home (and an iced caramel macchiato)

i'm a slave to the 'bucks. 

if i don't make it to starbucks on a daily basis getting my hands on espresso is never far from the front of my mind until i finally walk through those doors. i will alter plans to fit in a trip. it's sad & pretty ridiculous but espresso has seeped it's way into my soul.
i have accepted the daily trip as part if my normal routine. until a couple days ago when my schedule went way off track and i found myself in ikea. yes.. ikea. just another black hole to get sucked into - but this time i didn't spend a million hours or a million dollars - but one of the things that did happen to find itself in my cart was a stove top espresso maker! (and of course a couple packs of these necessary cups to go with it) 

obviously i stopped at starbucks on the way home to get a bag of espresso beans - i had them grind them for me since i don't have a grinder yet. once i got home i got straight to work & it was incredibly easy to use! the directions are easy to follow and unlike other ikea purchases - this one actually comes already assembled haha. all i had to do was put water in the bottom - fill the funnel with the espresso - screw the top on & let it heat up on the stove.

as excited as i was at the thought of how easy it this was turning out to be and how i could finally make a caramel macchiato at home i also was super annoyed with myself and how much time & money i have thrown at startbucks over the years! don't get me wrong - i'll still go there.. i've been a gold card holder for many years haha. but this is drastically cut down on my spending for sure. i always figured if i wanted to have espresso at home i had to fork out hundreds of dollars on one of those machines and never thought more about it -boy do i regret that now!

now to the best part of all - how i make an iced caramel macchiato at home:

- follow the directions that come with the espresso maker to brew your espresso.
- add a little more than a tablespoon of vanilla syrup to the bottom on your cup. (really up to what you like)
- about a cup of ice cubes. (not crushed)
- top ice with about a cup of your choice of milk (i use non-fat)
- then slowly add your desired amount of espresso. (i generally use 2-3 oz. but have been known to go to 4)
- drizzle desired amount of caramel sauce on top. (recipe coming soon)
- enjoy!!

*i've been working on a caramel sauce but it's not perfected just yet!

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