adie's lovelies: re-opening soon!

the shop is re-opening.

after a much longer than anticipated hiatus i'm diving back in head first & reopening my etsy shop. i'm seriously like a kid in a candy store right now just thinking about it!

now that this space is cleared out & organized all of the sudden this huge weight lifted off of me & all kinds of inspiration started rushing in! i had to dig into all of my supplies to organize it and take a sort of inventory and while doing that i kept thinking about 'how this could go with that' or 'how cute would this necklace be?' it took everything in me to keep focused on organizing instead of starting to make items haha.

as of this moment the shop is 'open' for the option of custom orders but there aren't any actual listings yet. my tentative goal is to get some ready to ship items listed by the end of next weekend? *fingers crossed* & then begin adding made to order listings as i get back into the swing of things.

this time around there will be more than just jewelry/accessories offered - i am adding more stitched items to the shop! i'll start with embroidery hoops & hopefully work my way up to crocheted baby blankets!

head on over to the adie's lovelies instagram account here to be in the loop with the shop opening, sneak peeks, discount codes & flash sales! and if you're already thinking of an item you'd like custom made - please feel free to contact me through the shop!

examples of previous shop items & possible future items:


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