what i'm loving.. life long loves.

getting back into the swing of blogging and having an outlet for my rambles is toward the top of the things i've been loving lately. i just have to remember to keep this place low stress & low priority. when it becomes any more than that it ends up on a different list.. haha.

three things i've always loved and been a collector of through the years are school supplies, shoes & taking pictures. it's very very hard for me to resist when i see perfect things from any of these categories.

these shoes. a pair of oxfords.. timeless & go with pretty much anything. i found these accidentally on the target website while searching for something else & immediately added them to my cart. the color is perfect & like i said they really do go with anything - denim & a plaid button down to a cute dress & scarf combo.. easy way to add a special touch to a simple everyday outfit.

these pencils. these are another target find but i don't have a link because they're in the dollar spot. i had been avoiding the dollar spot like the plague every. single. time. i walked into target - which is a lot & i should probably get an award for the amount of times i walked past it - but then i caved. i saw a few friends on instagram posting about some extra amazing dollar spot finds and when i saw these pencils i knew it was time to break the streak ha! i've been a 'school supplies' hoarder from a very young age. i would visit my dad at work and make a bee line for the supply closet gathering up post-its and pencils and basically claiming whatever i thought looked like fun as my own.. not much has changed. i worked at staples back in the day & basically spent my entire pay check before leaving. so if you're like me & can't pass up some cute pencils - head to the dollar spot asap! | a while ago i ordered these pencils from etsy - they're similar & i love them just as much!

this camera. so technically i already had an instax camera - i got a white one like 3 years ago. but when i saw this turquoise one over the summer on the urban outfitters website i had to have it. i'm a sucker for color even though color has no effect on the way something works at all. i did the same thing with my salt & pepper grinders - i had a perfectly fine working set, but then i saw some in aqua - yup.. the perfectly fine set was replaced immediately. so the white instax sits neglected in my camera bag now and we use this camera whenever i have film on hand. i even got some colored filters to put over the front which is fun for the kids! we have frames that we change up often with our most recent instax pictures hanging over the piano in our family room. the kids still think watching the picture appear is magical (and really.. so do i) taking pictures has been a love of mine since elementary school.. my very first digital camera was so big i wore it around my neck and had to put a floppy disc in it haha! i still have it somewhere.. but floppy discs not so much. if you have been wondering if an instax is worth it or been wanting one i'm here to tell you that you won't regret it! we love changing up the way we capture memories :)

what are some things you're loving lately??

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