what i'm loving.. in the kitchen

i fell out of love with my kitchen for a little while. after my mom died i just kind of stopped doing anything extra.. for a solid 2 years i went through my days doing the minimum in the kitchen. i also gained 30 lbs. in the spring of this year and all through the summer i made it a priority goal to fall back in love with my kitchen not just for my family & my poor poor waistline, but also because i know my mom would be disappointed with me. so now i have been looking at the kitchen as a place where i can do good for us & be in spirit with my mom.

these spice griders. one easy way to get me motivated to cook is having cute things to do the cooking with! i mentioned these spice grinders in my last what i'm loving post so i figured they'd be perfect for this kitchen edition. i found these randomly online (seems to be the way i find a lot of my favorite things haha) they are actually from Kelsey Nixon's cooking line with HSN. I ordered two of them and then used stickers from my craft hoard to add the 'S' & 'P'. i know they're just simple spice grinders but they really do make cooking that little bit more fun. i mean.. i used them for every meal.

this cleaner. at target one day i was searching the cleaning aisle and they had a buy three get $5 gift card deal going on so i figured why not give a few mrs. meyer's products a try. i always used to pick up the various items to read the labels and think next time i need cleaner i'll get this but always forgot and just got more of the usual. ever since that deal i have been hooked. not only is mrs. meyer's taking over my kitchen but our laundry room, too! and this multi-surface cleaner in lemon verbena is officially my go to! not only does it smell awesome but the ingredients are natural and gentle - especially great for a kitchen.

these soaps. at every sink i have liquid soap and a bar of soap. i don't know why i do this - but it's just kind of become the norm. i found myself at whole foods alone (did you just hear the angels sing?) so i didn't have to rush through being whined at in every aisle and i came across these soaps. i got to take my time reading all the information & smelling each bar. i probably stood there for 20 minutes completely uninterrupted just smelling soap haha. these three were too good to put back so they came home with me. this is a relatively new love but so far i am impressed and especially love that they not only work good but do good. monies raised from each purchase of good soap goes to the whole planet foundation

what are some things you love/must have in you kitchen?

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