weekly menu schedule

i used to cook meals like a machine. i loved watching food network and duplicating what i saw or learning new skills - it was almost like an addiction. i was gaining this great knowledge that was going to better the lives of my family.. but then i stopped. life happened and i stopped. i no longer found joy in the process. i found myself completely dreading dinner time every single night because i had no energy left to think of a meal let alone make it. needless to say we had a solid year of not so good for you food. a lot of mac and cheese & frozen pizzas. i'm not proud of it but it's the truth.

this summer i put my foot down and knew we needed that to stop. i wanted to bring back real meals & a love for cooking. i needed to love my kitchen again. what i came up with was a weekly menu schedule with themes for each night. it has helped so much. obviously we alter it depending what might look good at the grocery store or what's on sale - but having somewhere to begin has made all. the. difference. it's a super simple schedule with a theme for each night of the week and it's incredibly flexible. the kids have even picked up on it and like having an idea of what to expect for dinner. sometimes they even throw out ideas or remind me of meals they really liked from previous weeks.

- monday is italian night when we usually have something like spaghetti & meatballs (we're not italian haha so that works for us).
- tuesday is taco tuesday - we have a favorite homemade taco seasoning that we usually use on ground turkey or we substitute quesadillas with black beans on nights things get crazy.
- wednesday i try to make seafood or an asian inspired meal.
- right now our thursdays are weird due to the kids activities so i do what i can - we don't always do take out or have left overs but if i have a 'hard' day to plan for - thursday is it for sure!
- friday we make diy pizzas because friday is pizza night. i'm pretty sure it's a law.
- saturday is always free because i have time to figure it out and ask cy what he's in the mood for but in the summertime that space almost always says grill out.
- sunday i decided would be a good slow cooker day. i'm trying to learn how to use my slow cookers better so having a calm day to learn has been helpful.

i make it a point to sit down and plan an actual menu. either saturday or sunday morning before everyone wakes up i'm flipping through my favorite cookbooks & making a grocery list - being prepared for the week has changed my attitude so much when it comes to cooking. i don't have to dread the evening and the stressful question 'what's for dinner?' - because i already know!

do you have a weekly menu schedule in your home?
what are some 'themes' you use?

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