pumpkin picking

pumpkin picking is something i look forward to every year - but for some reason we always end up putting it off until the last minute. it's one of those things that starts at the top of the to do list and then slowly moves down until we say, 'we'll do it next weekend.' we finally got there this past weekend basically because we couldn't put it off anymore since halloween is already somehow on saturday!?

we've gone pumpkin picking at the same farm every year for the past 6 years! i can't even believe it's already been that long. when we moved into our first home we found this farm and the tradition began. the kids know exactly where we are the second we pull into the parking lot and i love that! i had a similar experience as a kid but the farm was down the street from my home so i spent a lot more time there throughout the year - i love hearing them get excited talking about what kind of pumpkin they hope to find and there are even goats, pigs, bunnies etc. there to feed & pet. always something the kids look forward to!

this year i really tried to be more thoughtful about the pictures i snapped instead of just thinking every moment needed to be captured. something i have been trying to do lately is be more present with my family. when i look back i have a million pictures from the pumpkin patch year to year but i don't want to only remember looking at the screen/through the lens - i want to really truly remember the look on zachary's face when he found the perfect pumpkin or the squeal adilyn made when she saw 'the most adorable little pumpkin in the world.' so we didn't leave the pumpkin patch with 800 pictures but we did leave with a handful of great ones and more actual memories.

my guys.

the cutest pumpkin in the whole world!

adilyn took this picture of cy & i - with my actual camera not my phone!!

is pumpkin picking a tradition for your family?

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