what i'm loving

something i really want to do with this blog that i haven't done before is share things that i'm loving in my every day. things that make life easier, prettier, healthier - and so on. i'll try to link to the items whenever i can and i'm sure if you follow along with me on instagram or other social media you'll see these things pop up from time to time! so here goes.. lately i've been crushing on:

my s'well water bottle. i take this thing with me everywhere and it's been extremely awesome to bring to school. (i teach at a preschool a couple of days a week) i have the 25 oz size and it does exactly what it says - keeps my water cold for over 24 hours! i'm an avid water drinker - for as long as i can remember i have carried water in my purse. (yes - even before becoming a mom haha) there are multiple sizes and so many different colors and designs to choose from. s'well's goal is to 'rid the world of plastic bottles' and they donate to UNICEF! ..but wait - it gets better - in this 24oz size you can fit an entire bottle of wine!! 

this hourglass arch brow sculpting pencil. okay - for real.. i'm the WORST at makeup. i don't know what things are or how they work and when i try (like really really try) to apply it - i always end up looking like a clown. it's bad. and my brows - cringe worthy. they've been over plucked and neglected since middle school. i've never actually had them done by a professional and because of that i've already decided that adilyn will be getting hers done only by professionals when she gets to the age it needs to be done! back to this amazing brow pencil that has changed my life! it has the best angled tip that makes filling in and shaping my brows incredibly easy - even when i'm half asleep haha. and on the other end there's a brush to soften/clean up the brows. i'm obsessed and hope they never stop making this miracle stick!

thieves (a young living essential oil - yleo). as i mentioned above i work at a preschool and also have two kids that go to school and bring home all. the. germs. i'm gonna go ahead and throw my husband into that mix too because he goes to work and does not come home germ free! i have had this oil diffusing all around the house since school started - and even more so since fall is starting to set it. if you're not that into the idea of essential oils or don't want to invest in all the kinds - this is the one oil i would recommend trying/starting with - it's our favorite!

bonus thing: the rug in every picture! it's from the land of nod and resides on the floor in our family room. it's super happy - hides all the dog fur - camouflages all the dirt. it's my favorite.

what things are you loving lately??

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