influence conference!

believe it or not the mess above did somehow turn into a packed suitcase! tomorrow is the start of the conference and to say I'm feeling all the feelings is an understatement. top of the feelings list is missing my babies! my heart aches that I don't get to hug them for the whole weekend!? thank goodness for facetime that's all I know! 

also somewhere on that feelings list - I'm excited to meet the people behind the squares that I've been 'following'! but as excited as I am - I'm equally as anxious.. I know this weekend will be so good but at the moment I've got the whole night before the first day of school butterflies going on..


I'm thankful to have the most amazing husband who's taking on the roll of 'stay at home dad' this weekend and to my kids for understanding that it's okay for mommy to leave for a few days. I'm thankful to get the chance to be surrounded by friends and some pretty all around amazing people! now I just need to figure out how to get myself to sleep... basically give me all the coffee tomorrow.

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