i want to be steve.

i want to be steve.

i wasn't surprised when zachary told me he wanted to be steve from minecraft for halloween. i was surprised however when i looked for purple pants and the only pair i could find was $50!? yeah.. that wasn't gonna happen. so i decided instead of continuing to search the internet for purple pants i would just get a pair of khakis and dye them.

the only khakis zachary had in his drawer were too short and for a halloween costume probably would have been fine but then i found a pair on sale at target (if i'm remembering right they were around $10) and i grabbed a box of purple rit dye at hobby lobby. they did not turn out that great if he was trying to wear them on a regular basis but in his eyes they're perfect & that's all that matters to me. to complete the costume i found a simple blue t-shirt & a box head mask from amazon. boom! steve costume. he's requesting a 'diamond sword' but i'm still debating if that's necessary..

do you have a minecraft obsessed kiddo? i don't get minecraft - but i do get how zachary has gotten so attached to it. it's a never ending game that you create as you go. i mean.. what's not to love as a 7 year old boy?? needless to say.. i don't foresee the end of minecraft happening any time soon!

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