what i'm loving

something i really want to do with this blog that i haven't done before is share things that i'm loving in my every day. things that make life easier, prettier, healthier - and so on. i'll try to link to the items whenever i can and i'm sure if you follow along with me on instagram or other social media you'll see these things pop up from time to time! so here goes.. lately i've been crushing on:


influence conference!

believe it or not the mess above did somehow turn into a packed suitcase! tomorrow is the start of the conference and to say I'm feeling all the feelings is an understatement. top of the feelings list is missing my babies! my heart aches that I don't get to hug them for the whole weekend!? thank goodness for facetime that's all I know! 


i want to be steve.

i want to be steve.

i wasn't surprised when zachary told me he wanted to be steve from minecraft for halloween. i was surprised however when i looked for purple pants and the only pair i could find was $50!? yeah.. that wasn't gonna happen. so i decided instead of continuing to search the internet for purple pants i would just get a pair of khakis and dye them.


these four.

these four. they're all pretty crazy. they're sneaky. they destroy things. most days they have me pulling my hair out! but I sure do love them. and this moment? It's everything. brother-sister snuggles. puppy lovin'. a lake day full of swimming. we're like 3ish weeks into school & I'm still wishing we had more lazy summer days. i guess I'll have to wait until next year.. I am looking forward to all things pumpkin though! 

starting over...

feeling kind of crazy right now.

i've been out of the blogging game for over a year but the entire time i've missed it. i thought revamping my first blog would be what i needed to get back into it.. well, that didn't work. then i started a cooking blog and that just wasn't enough. cooking is only one thing i love. then this morning it dawned on me.. why not keep it simple & start a brand new blog all about things i love?! duh.

we'll see how this goes.. i'm pretty excited at the moment but this blog thing can become a time suck! if that happens i think i might walk away from blogging for good - but my fingers are crossed that i'll be able to find the balance :)