have you tried daily harvest?!

i have to start by saying this is not an ad. i'm not getting paid and i've purchased the product for my family.
i wasn't given anything for free. i legit love this company and their products!

have you heard of daily harvest??
let me tell you - these little cups of frozen goodness have changed our eating habits for the better! even my kids love them and there's kale in some of them KALE. my kids are eating/drinking kale without making faces or feeding it to the dogs [insert praise hands]

you choose the amount of cups you want delivered and how often and even the specific amount of which flavors/recipes you want!! it's super customizable and pretty much fool-proof.

i know you might be thinking 'but making smoothies is so easy, why do i need pre-packaged fruit/veggies?' well - i'm here to tell you do! i love smoothies and making them but i always make recipes i'm super familiar with or have a heavy hand with the bananas and strawberries and add a leaf of kale or spinach to trick myself into thinking i'm being healthy haha. with daily harvest i don't have to trick myself or even wash any fruit or bust out a cutting board. the smoothies make the best breakfasts and snacks - i even have them for lunch somedays AND they make SUNDAES.. yup, healthy 'ice-cream'!!

all you need is a freezer, blender, straws and to follow the super simple steps on the cup:

1: choose your smoothie (pictured: acai + cherry - our family favorite is the strawberry + peach smoothie - yum!), liquid you'll be blending with (pictured: coconut water) and blender.
2: take off the lid (save it) - remove and toss the plastic seal.
3: fill your cup to the brim with you blending liquid (sometimes you may need to add a little more once everything is in the blender so don't put it away yet)
4: dump everything into the blender - do not throw out the cup!
5: admire all the colors and goodness you're about to eat!
6: blend until smooth
7: pour smoothie back into the cup it came in.
8: put the top back on + pop in a straw!
9: enjoy!!

seriously - it's that easy to get in a quick meal or snack that you don't have to feel guilty about and you'll definitely drink every smoothie to the last drop!!

let me know if you have any questions about daily harvest - i'm happy to help and get you started!


meet dug!

i have just met you and i love you.

yup. we got a puppy and named him after the talking dog from up! if you haven't seen up you need to get on that and if you have then you totally understand haha.

he's the cutest and sweetest and we love him so much!!

bauer and cinderella are getting along with him really well! it took a couple days for them to really warm up to him - but i think they just wanted to make sure he was actually staying haha.

we're all beyond obsessed with dug but we would really like for him to stop growing because that is happening way way way too fast.

okay .. i'm just going to post a ton of adorable puppy-ness now:


kitchen tables.

we've needed a new kitchen table since before we moved into the house we're in now. ((october will be four years)) what we have going on in our kitchen space is very well used from ikea and it's been haphazardly painted to force it to fit in with our color scheme and decor. it was supposed to be temporary, but then it just kind of stayed. we've looked a little here and there but nothing has caught our eye.

well.. i finally scrolled through pinterest for way too long looking at kitchen tables and wanted to share some of the good stuff i came across! we could maybe do a round or square table if we did some tweaking to our space.. but we have a rectangle right now which i like and unless something comes out of no where to change my mind that's what we'll probably stick with.

i've thought about sanding the one we have down and starting over with paint and taking my time/doing a better job haha. i've also tossed around the idea of building some sort of top.. i love a good diy project - but if i'm going to do all that work maybe i should just be building something totally new!? i just can't decide!

alright.. i won't drag this out any longer - here's some of the good stuff that's getting me motivated:


obsessed with this table! i know cy would never go for the chairs and they aren't really my style either - but that table top!! all the heart eyes.