just add oils: april promos!

april promos are here!!!

spring has officially arrived and we're ready for a fresh new start! april's promos are full of must haves!! you know you've been building a wish list + now is the time to add some of those oils to this month's essential rewards order! one of the best ways to try a new product is getting it for free!! every month you can get your hands on new + different free products thanks to young living! follow along over on instagram for a peek into how we use oils in our home!

april promos:
*er exclusives are only available once per month when you place your essential rewards order.

-5ml tangerine vitality oil (delicious + refreshing added to water!)
-15ml tea tree oil (this is a must have in our home!)
-thieves household cleaner + yl glass spray bottle (so excited for this one!!!)

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just add lips: lipsense obsessed

y'all i have a new obsession that first built in curiosity + outright skepticism, but now i'm hooked!

i've never really been that into makeup but when i saw lipsense for the first time i remember watching in awe as the girls would wipe their finger on their lips nothing would be there or smear their faces and literally the color didn't budge no matter what they did. i just watched for awhile until one day i asked a couple questions that were promptly answered, but of course i still just couldn't get over the too good to be true feeling. i'd say it took another 2 weeks and then i bit the bullet and made my first order and to put it in the most cliché way ever..
the rest is history.

i joined an awesome team with amazing and insanely helpful, uplifting + empowering women! if you're already lipsense obsessed and looking to join as a distributor but wanting a team that will support you i promise mine is just that! every question i've asked has been answered immediately + in general the main ladies are crazy organized and know what they're doing/talking about!

if you're just looking to add this lipsense obsession to your makeup collection you can find me on instagram and facebook - ask any questions you have and if i don't know the answer i will find it for you!

if you're still on the fence about trying it out i say give it a try because you've got nothing to lose and long lasting, kiss proof lips to gain! lipsense comes with a bottom of the tube, 100% money back guarantee. if you aren't completely satisfied with a color/purchase for any reason just contact me - we'll get it figured out! 

just add oils: kidscents

i've talked about essential oils on here a few times and now i'm finally jumping in with both feet and sharing our daily routines and favorites over on instagram @just.add.oils. we've been hooked since day one 2.5+ years ago, but i knew i wanted to spend time before really sharing our experience with essential oils. i plan to update @just.add.oils as much as possible and hope to post here occasionally as well. oils have no replaced our entire cleaning supply or medicine cabinet, but they have become part of both. i'm excited to start sharing something that's become a big part of our everyday!

right off the bat i had to share about our very favorite line of oils - a must have in our home - kidscents! 

these little bottles of liquid gold are already diluted and ready for the tiniest family members to use! honestly, i use them myself - they're not just for kids!

•sleepyize is a must have around here. it's calming and perfect to diffuse at bedtime.

•tummygize has been a life saver for us when upset tummies rear their ugly head. just the other night my son was having trouble getting to sleep due to an upset tummy.. a couple drops right on his belly and he was out like a light! 

•geneyus is in the diffuser every morning before school starts to help get their minds ready for a full day of learning! 

•owie has lived in my purse, diaper bag when i still had one, car, bathrooms, gym bag - anywhere it can. soothing bumps and bruises quickly is important and even i used it after stubbing my toe pretty bad the other day!

•sniffle ease has my heart because it not only smells refreshing but i honestly believe it saved our most recent disney vacation! every night as we slept sniffle ease diffused and every morning whoever was complaining the day before was feeling much more themself! 

i know sometimes it's hard to believe something so simple could actually make such a huge impact but i promise if these oils didn't improve our daily lives they wouldn't have hung around for as long as they have in our home. there are times when i fall out of routine with oils because i'm only human and life happens. when oils are used regularly in our home the difference is astounding and can be felt like a ripple effect! 

if you ever have questions please just ask! and if you're ready to get your own oily adventure started let me know - we'd love to have you on our team! join here ((enter # 1724428))


kid's blend: 'calm the f down' | essential oils

sometimes i just want to yell calm the f down! but most of the time i restrain myself.. okay more like 50% of the time... if you have calm, angelic, quiet children - congratulations. i, however, do not. not even a little bit. they're straight up insane which makes me insane - it's just a crazy-person-carosel going on at our house pretty much all. the. time. want to come over? haha

moments like this make me love essential oils more than i already do. these are the perfect moments to break out our favorite kid friendly roller bottle blend to calm down. i apply it to the back of their neck and mine too sometimes! 

we keep a rollerball bottle of this blend on hand. it's basically sanity in a bottle. we've found this recipe to be the best for our family, but remember all people are unique. you may find adding a few more drops of cedarwood and less lavender works for you or maybe y'all need a tad more vetiver and less lemon. it takes a little time to get the right mix, but it's always worth it - promise! 

if you're interested in learning more about essential oils just ask! we've been using young living eo's for over 2 years and haven't looked back - i did a bunch of research back then before choosing which oils we would use and always came back to young living. it really boils down to having 100% pure essential oils - don't be fooled by the cheap/fake stuff!

looking to get started with oils? click here and join my team!! we have a amazing amount of support for any ideas and questions.

i'm not a doctor - just a mom trying to do the best for her family and for us, a big part of that is incorporating essential oils into our daily lives.


teacher 'survival' kit

the kids head back to school this week and i'm on the rollercoaster of emotions over here!

i knew i wanted to send their teachers a little bit of a 'survival' kit for start the year. kind of like an advanced thank you! it's really not anything too fancy - just a few things that could easily be kept in their desks or school bags and i found it all at target of course haha.

everything in the picture above went into that gift bag along with some tissue paper. like i said - nothing fancy we're talking about daily survival here! 

what's in the bag:
•chocolate peanut pretzel bite snack
•immunity lozenges
•hand lotion
•chap stick
•breath mints
•notebook & pens
•shout wipes

looking forward to a great school year!!